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Reclaim Your PPI With Russell & Young

If you have taken out a loan, mortgage, credit card or car loan in the last 10 years then you could be entitled to claim up to £10,000 in compensation.

It is estimated that 15 million people in the UK could be eligible for PPI compensation.
Reduce your loan payments and get a lump sum.
Up to 40% of your monthly payments on loans, credit cards and mortgages could be going towards PPI - a product you may be ineligible from ever using.
Russell & Young will claim back your premiums plus interest. You receive a lump sum and, if the loan is still ongoing, we negotiate to reduce your monthly payments.
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Why choose us?
We think you should choose us because.....
We rely on word of mouth, not glossy (and expensive) advertising. And we don't employ teams of call centre operators.
That means we can charge an all inclusive fee of only 19%. No win no fee & no upfront fees - no exceptions.
When you talk to us on the phone, you'll be talking to a claims specialist, not a call centre operator.
We pay you back your repayments plus interest - some companies keep the interest for themselves.
We don't charge you any additional extras (such as disbursements).
We employ qualified accountants to supervise and review every claim.
We never send your personal details on to anyone else.
And don't choose us if….
You like paying for expensive advertising campaigns.
You like talking to call centre operators.
You're happy for your personal details to be sent on to 'selected' 3rd parties.
You're happy for your claims to be instructed out.
You want to hand 25% or more of your money over to a claims company.

Do you qualify?