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Why choose Russell & Young to manage your PPI reclaims

We are a small firm and we ensure that every claim is overseen by a qualified accountant. We are passionate about reclaiming expensive, unfair and unsuitable PPI policies sold by banks and other financial providers who have made billions of pounds in profit from the sale of these policies.
Unlike many other claims companies, we take a holistic approach to your reclaims: we also want to help you reclaim overcharged bank and credit card charges. (These claims tend to involve more work for the claims companies, and the reclaims, whilst they can be high, are often lower than on PPI. You will find that many other companies are only interested in ‘cherry picking’ your PPI reclaims. Even if you don’t use us, we would advise you to use a company that will also help you to reclaim bank and credit card charges).
Here’s what we do do:
We do charge a low, all inclusive fee of 19%.
We do make sure that every single claim is dealt with by an experienced claims handler and overseen by a qualified accountant.
We do operate on a strict no win no fee basis.
We do help with bank and credit card charge reclaims at the same low fee.
And finally: we do rely on word of mouth. So if you’re happy with our service, please tell your friends and family! (But please tell us as well!).

And here’s what we definitely don’t do:
We don’t contract your claims out abroad or to anyone else. All claims are dealt with in- house.
We don’t ever pass your confidential details on to 3rd party companies unless with your express written permission.
We don’t spend your money on expensive advertising campaigns or ‘text drops’. (Which is why we don’t take more than 18% of your money!).
We don’t employ expensive call centre teams. When you talk to us on the phone, you will be talking to an experienced claims handler.
We don’t charge any upfront fees.

And finally: we don’t give up on your claim unless we absolutely really, really have to. And sometimes not even then.

If you believe you have been mis-sold PPI we will be happy to help you. In order to keep our costs down and maintain our low commission rate, we work on an internet basis only. However, we commit to answering all emails within 12 hours, and reply to over 90% in less than 6 hours. We can also ring you back, which we also commit to do within 6 hours (with the proviso that we will never disturb anyone between the hours of 9.00pm and 9.00 am!). (Over 90% of our callbacks are made in less than 1 hour).
Please contact us at or click here to claim now.