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Reclaim Your Bank Charges
If you have suffered any bank charges in the past 8 years, there is a good chance that some or all of them will be reclaimable on the basis that they are deemed as excessive.
By law, bank (and credit card) charges must be in proportion to the costs incurred by the bank.
Therefore, where you have been charged £35 for exceeding your overdraft facility by a few pounds, this is deemed excessive and you can reclaim the overcharges suffered.

A Supreme Court ruling in 2009 ruled in favour of the banks, but The Financial Ombudsman will still look at cases if it can be proved you have been harshly or unfairly treated. Compensation claims can run into thousands of pounds. Have a look at the details below. If you can answer yes to ANY of the 3 questions below you may have a case to reclaim your bank charges.
1. Were your charges excessive?
If you’ve been charged £35 or more for slipping over your limit by a small amount. For example - you go £1 over your facility and are charged £35 for the privilege.
2. Have you had charges on your charges?
This can mean being stuck in a ‘snowballing’ cycle of not being able to clear charges before new fees are added on top.
This can create large reclaims of thousands of pounds. It tends to go hand in hand with being in hardship.
3. Are you in financial hardship?
Guidelines for financial hardships are classified as follows:
  • You can’t pay for necessities. Such as mortgage, food and utility bills
  • You can’t pay debts. ie your mortgage, loan and credit card repayments
  • A big slice of your income is being eaten up by charges. For instance, you’re having to pay £75 of charges from a weekly income of £150
  • Your payments are regularly returned. Your payments regularly get returned as unpaid
  • You’ve had a substantial drop in income. For instance, you may have lost your job, taken a pay cut, taken parental or carers leave, separated from your partner, or started full time education
  • You have a disability or illness. You’ve needed to increase spending due to a disability or illness
  • You’re going bankrupt. You’re going bankrupt, getting an IVA or Debt Relief Order or are in a debt management plan
  • You’re living off credit. And regularly needing to increase your credit limit
  • You’re making regular credit card cash withdrawals.
  • You’re frequently going over your overdraft limit. This is usually classified as having suffered charges of more than £500 a year
  • Bank charges have worsened your situation. The charges have made your financial hardship situation much worse
If you think you may have a claim Contact Us and one of our advisors will be in touch to discuss getting your case started.